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Expert Dental Surgery in Modesto, California

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Sometimes dental surgery is the best option to get your mouth back in working order. Although the thought of dental surgery can be a bit unnerving, when you put your trust in the hands of Dale Family Dental you have nothing to worry about. 
At our office, we are equipped to perform a number of common dental surgeries in addition to routine maintenance.

Root Canals

The most common dental surgery we perform is a simple root canal. When a tooth develops an infection, the infection can grow into the pulp of the tooth. The pulp of the tooth is the sensitive inner chamber that holds nerves, blood vessels and other tissue. 
From here, if the infection is bad enough, it can potentially travel to the root of the tooth, bringing with it a number of painful problems. When this happens, the tooth grows sensitive and painful. If left unchecked, the gums may begin to develop abscesses.
Having a root canal procedure removes the damaged tissue and halts the infection from spreading. When the root is cleaned, healthy tissue is able to regrow. This procedure is quite routine and is an effective way to rescue a tooth that otherwise would have to be removed.

Tooth Extraction

When a tooth has to go, we can take it out. Often times when a problem tooth simply can’t be remedied, extraction is the best option. If your tooth requires extraction, the dentists at Dale Family Dental will advise you on the procedure and carry it out with skill and precision.

Wisdom Teeth

Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, but for many people, having their wisdom teeth extracted can provide enormous benefits to their oral health. If your wisdom teeth are blocked by bone or other teeth, tilted under the gum or restricted by the size of the jaw, they are considered to be impacted and may require attention. 
Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to a number of problems that often result in infection and pain. However, the symptoms of potentially problematic wisdom teeth can remain dormant for years, hiding issues that could arise as time passes. 
The best way to know whether or not your wisdom teeth need addressing is to visit your dentist regularly. X-rays and other methods of examination can inform your dentist of the best way to handle any wisdom teeth issues.